Fables Found

A Treasure of Wisdom for Grandchildren

What is your favorite childhood fable? You may remember stories that concluded with an insightful moral based on life's common teachings such as, "slow and steady wins the race."
This book of fables follows in the age-old tradition of using fascinating animal behavior to illuminate the timeless lessons to our younger generations, so they themselves can grow to be wise grandparents.
In delightful style, each fable is preceded by a poem. The stage is then set in an alternate location; however, always founded on a conversation between a grandparent and grandchild.
We have been informed and formed by numerous symbolic myths and legends. They are wonderful tools for us to pass on the values, standards, and truths we consider essential in our lives and for the growth of our offspring.
In this traditional manner of parables handed down from cultures around the world, we tell of our observations and experience to plant ideas and principles worthy of cultivation.
May all creatures find happiness.
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